They are the type of windows having two layers of glass separated by an air space.

They undergo a process called double glazing, in which a specific window is formed by two panes of glass with a space in between them.

This space between the glass is usually left to be several millimeters thick and is then filled with air. The air trapped inside acts as a layer of insulation between the two panes. Drying agents are also added in the gap between the windows before it is totally sealed off.

This is to ensure that no moisture is present inside the double glazed windows finished product, thus the air trapped can act as a superior kind of insulator. If condensation appears between the panes, it indicates that the window is not airtight. Double glazing windows cannot be repaired so if condensation is found, the unit must be replaced immediately.

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There are different types of double glazed windows. The most common and most popular type is unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, or UPVC. This type is known as best in its insulating properties compared to others. It is also favoured as the most economical one because it is less expensive compared to other types.

Double Glazed Windows?Another popular option is aluminium double glazing. These windows are not quite as efficient for insulation purposes compared to UPVC. But in many cases, these windows are chosen for older homes more often. It is for the reason that they are more presentable. They come in a wide variety of colours that will surely brighten and give life to your home.

There is also the most expensive and luxurious type, the wooden double glazed window. Due to the fact that it is extremely pricy, this type is usually custom made to order. It also requires a lot more maintenance than UPVC or aluminium.

Double glazed windows are of high demand in these days because it possesses a lot of remarkable advantages compared to normal windows. Among these are better insulating properties and noise reduction, thus environmentally friendly. Double glazed windows, also called “double paned windows”, can also protect items in the house from sun damage (see more here

They are also easy to clean because they easily slide open and lock close. A simple way of escaping the necessarily troublesome cranking and lifting. It is also guaranteed durable so it also serves as an additional layer of security for your home and for your most beloved family.

What Are Double Glazed Windows?