What Have Been The Trends In Orangery Designs?

Orangery designs are much the same as they were years ago using the same materials and basic design. Other things about them have changed however such as the interior decoration and how they are used. Orangeries were usually for the rich upper classes and symbolised wealth.

Orangery Designs?However, this is not the case anymore and anyone who wants to add a lovely room or extra space to their home can do so. You will find orangeries can be slightly more expensive than conservatories but will be well worth the money. A conservatory is often considered as a temporary structure, whereas an orangery will be a permanent part of your home and will look like it always has been.

Orangeries date back as far as the 17th century and were originally used for growing fruit, citrus trees and exotic plants were it would not normally possible. This was due to the fact they were able to retain heat very well. One problem with the orangeries however was they couldn’t retain the heat well enough at night so fires had to be lit in order to combat this.

However, their uses have become more diverse in recent times. Their days of growing plants are not behind them but orangeries now have a lot more uses, they are used as pleasant sunrooms to relax and enjoy during the day and night.

How Much Would an Average Size Orangery Cost?

One of the best places to find some good orangery designs is in Europe. France and Austria have some very famous orangeries including the Versailles Orangery at the Palace of Versaille in Vienna. There are also several orangeries in the UK most of which are used as botanical gardens or restaurants. One of the most famous orangeries in the UK is at Kew Gardens.

It was originally built to house plants but did not fit its purpose due to the fact there was not enough light. The reason for this was that there was too much brick work and not enough windows to let the light in which meant the plants suffered. However, not all orangeries are on such a grand scale.

If you do not want an unsightly conservatory, but do not want the cost and upheaval of an extension then an orangery is the answer for you. With the addition of an orangery also comes the beauty and style that will be added to your home once you have built your orangery.

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The Trends In Orangery Designs?