Orangeries can serve various purposes.

This type of conservatory can be added to your home and make you benefit from several advantages – this article will discuss 5 reasons why you should add an orangery to your home.

First and foremost, you would be adding space to your home. The additional area can serve various purposes.

Many people use it as a form of greenhouse, where they can grow plants; which was in fact the original purpose for which orangeries were built and it is also the reason behind the name.

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Centuries ago orangeries were used to grow citrus trees such as orange and lime trees, which needed lots of sun and warmth. Inside orangeries these trees were protected and could flourish.

The additional floor area can serve different purposes apart from the original of a place where plants are kept. Many people who have an orangery use it to dine in it, whilst it can also serve as a play area for kids and pets who can be kept in a safe environment and under supervision.

  • Part of the orangery can also be utilized for storage purposes.

Add An Orangery To Your HomeAnother major benefit of orangeries is to add light to your house. Orangeries are mainly composed of glass windows. UPVC is also commonly used nowadays so as to reduce the overall costs and maintenance requirements. Prior to building it, you should carefully consider the ideal place where it should be constructed so as to have as much natural sunlight as possible enter the house.

You can also acquire heating benefits thanks to orangeries. In fact the more the sun’s rays penetrate the orangery, the more you will have natural light as well as heating in your house. Most orangeries are now being built using double glazing so as to gain as much as possible from this benefit. Thanks to orangeries then, you can save up on energy bills as you will be reducing the consumption of electricity for lighting and heating needs.

Another benefit of orangeries is that they can serve for entertaining purposes. Many home owners wish to have a unique and welcoming atmosphere in their home, and by having an orangery you can be as creative and artistic as you see fit. Various decorations can be used to make it a pleasant area where you can entertain guests, dine, play and enjoy the outside views. Plants, statues, flower baskets and fountains are common decorative options.

Another benefit of orangeries is that you will be increasing the house’s value. Apart from being pleasing to the eye, orangeries add floor area to the house. As a result they will automatically add value and prestige to a house. Should you try to sell your house, you will benefit by earning more money as you can increase the price requested by specifying that an orangery forms part of the property.

Many customers looking for a unique property will feel that this is a bonus and may be more inclined to go for it, to make an impact as well as to benefit from its various advantages. Visit  for more info & free quotes

5 Reasons To Add An Orangery To Your Home